Inhambane province and town are of great historical, cultural and natural importance. The province offers beautiful national parks, the Bazaruto archipelago and pristine beaches.

Inhambane was first inhabited by Bantu speaking people 2000 years ago, it was the southernmost port for the Arab slave traders. Vasco da Gama “discovered” the Inhambane bay in 1498 and later it was colonised by the Portuguese. A fusion of these influences is reflected in the culture, architecture, food and language in the province today. The province is 68,000sq km and has a population of 1.3 million people. The climate is tropical. The town of Inhambane was established in the 10th century, the Portuguese established a trading post in 1534; they traded in ivory, slaves and sugar.

The main economic drivers of the province are tourism, timber, copra, cashews, citrus and fishing. Inhambane town has the largest fleet of working dhows in Mozambique.

The coastline of Inhambane is the most beautiful and untouched on the east African coast today, the coral reefs have been unaffected by the world wide bleaching phenomena of 1999 and therefore offer some of the finest diving off the coast of Africa. Manta reef has been voted one of the 5 best dive sites in the world and attracts many visitors to the area. Big game fishing is fantastic with regular catches of Marlin, Sailfish and other pelagic species. Inhambane offers the best whale watching opportunities in Southern Africa. Sightings of whale sharks are numerous.

The province is the centre of tourism in Mozambique, access is easy and inexpensive, logistics have become easy due to an ever-developing infrastructure and the combination of its white beaches, groves of coconut trees, good weather, easy access, affordability, natural beauty, rich seas and its fascinating culture and history has made this a prime holiday destination for European and South African visitors.

The Inhambane coastline hold some of the most well-known beaches in Mozambique, like Barra, Tofo, Guinjata and Paindane.
Guinjata bay is the most popular bay in Inhambane and Jangamo area, well known to most South Africans that have visited Mozambique for its diving and unspoiled beaches.

La Costa Estate are the point of Guinjata bay with a 270-degree beach view and 1400m beach front. Situated on 9.23ha prime land. The only undeveloped land in the bay.

Owners of La Costa Estate

The DUAT (right of use of land) and other legal documents of this prime property “La Costa Estate” are registered to La Costa Limitada, a Mozambique registered company with its owners.


A: Social development.

During the construction phase, over 100 local Mozambicans will be employed.
The developers of our project will create an opportunity with a team of skilled artisans to form part of a team that embarks on intensive skills, and on-site training program specifically for the building industry, to increase their ability and skill level. Local people will be trained to be in House staff, skilled in cooking, housekeeping, with a very High standard for our project.

Several other SME opportunities will be created.

Once fully operational, La Costa Estate will sustain up to 80 full time positions for Mozambican nationals. Training and capacity building will be paramount to the success of the project.

B: Conservation

The proposed project area encompasses areas of astonishingly natural beauty. We intend to protect this bio-diversity long term on a sustainable basis.

Currently, the biological diversity is exceptional, un blemished coral reefs, pristine beaches, dunes with endemic cycads, grass plains, exposed dolerite outcrops, over 120 recorded species of birds, 300 species of reef and pelagic fish, large marine mammals including baleen whales, toothed whales and dolphins. Five species of dolphin occur in the area.

And three species of turtle have been recorded. Inhambane is seasonally home to an extraordinarily high population of whale sharks.

The world heritage convention has declared Inhambane and its surrounds as unique,

“An area of outstanding universal value for humanity.” Conservation of this area will be conducted through research and active management.

Unique opportunity for investment

We want investors to build their dream Holiday home at La Costa Estate.
By investing in our estate and purchasing a building package which include the use of land, and the construction of your house, the Investor can choose one of our standard building designs of 2 to 6-bedroom houses. The house can be personalized by interior changes. Once the house is complete, it will be registered at the Mozambique Government – Notary as our property (House) in your name, under the terms of the Periodic Housing Decree No 39/2007. At owner own cost

The investor has the option to put the house in a renting pool, when not occupied. The house will be marketed as part of La Costa Lodge for tourism, by using a local tourism company and global marketing. This will create a return on your investment.

All stands will be supplied with metered electricity and water.
Fresh Water will be available from boreholes on the property, supplied from water tanks.

Electricity is supplied by Mozambique Power Company. House owners will be responsible for its own backup power by means of silent generator or Solar power, although the Estate will have a large power backup to run effortlessly.
All buildings to be erected by the main developer La Costa Construction. All houses will have the same building style, look and feel, but may vary in size.
This will be to insure the standard and quality of the development.

Renting Pool option

The investor has the option to put the house in a renting pool, when not occupied. The house will be marketed as part of La Costa Lodge for tourism, by using a local tourism company and global marketing.

This will create a return on your investment. The return of investments is not to be missed as the rental pool is a must for any Investor.
Some facts:

The low-end of occupational rate for the past 10 years in Guinjata is 33%.
With the current market price for accommodation that ranges from R4400.00 to R6000.00 per day for a 8 sleeper House in the Guinjata bay area, an owner can earn approximately 20% return p.a. on his/her investment. And this is after the deduction of commission’s payable.

Being a superior offering to the vacationer this occupation rate can rise with ease to 40% or higher on what we can offer. We will always look at what will benefit the tourist and our Investor.

Your La Costa Estate, beach/holiday house, will be an example of how to sustainably utilize an area of incredible natural beauty in a responsible manner with sound financial returns to the investors and partners. The project will be guided by a strong conservation and social ethic.

La Costa Estate will offer its guests a fantastic beach experience, word of mouth must become our most powerful marketing tool.

For ourselves being Owners of Houses on the estate, we will strive to ensure that not only time on the estate with families will be trouble free, but homes must become a sound investment through good re-sale value.

This philosophy will ensure that we attract new tourists to our beautiful estate.

Own your very own Holiday Beach House at one of the most Unspoiled and Popular beaches in Africa.

Contact Juan Kruger on +27 82 780 7877 (SA) or +258 84 362 9958 (Moz)
hjhkruger@lacostamoz.com for more information

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